Getting Off-Grid

Our goal is to move our energy sources “off-grid” by the end of August 2023.


Focus on Renewable, Efficient Energy

We have installed solar panels and wind turbines onsite to generate renewable energy which will provide power for the glamping pods and communal buildings including the shop, fire pit and BeeHive. 

Upcycle, Recycle & Reduce Single-Use

We reuse and upcycle wherever possible, maintaining luxury standards whilst committed to our sustainable policies.  We’ve even featured on the BBC’s Money For Nothing for busying an upcycled archway for Foxglove.

Support the Community

To us sustainability isn’t just about renewable energy and the natural environment, but about supporting our local community too. 

Rural Diversification

We’re farmers and still operate our dairy and sheep farm along the track from the glamping site. Our glamping site is in the heart of nature and our guests can truly appreciate how animals and our natural environment impact our business values and add to their experience.