About Us

A Family Affair

Hedgerow Luxury Glamping sits on a family run dairy farm, covering 200 acres of breathtaking land with views over the Ribble Valley and Pendle Hill.

With 130 Holstein cows to milk twice a day, and various ages of calves and young cows, Hilary, Mark and their sons are kept busy!

The farm has been in the family since 1952, and was rented from a local cement company with the intention of being a quarry.

In 2017 the cement company deemed quarrying not cost-efficient, and the family took the opportunity to buy the farm.

Rural Diversification

We first put forward the Glamping idea in 2014 to our landlord who approved the idea .
But due to a busy family life and work on the farm, the idea never started but the dream stopped with us.


After buying the farm in 2017, we knew that diversification was the only way to support the farm financially. Our Glamping dream started to become a reality.
In late 2018 planning permission went in and was passed early 2019.

We quickly started the process of getting the land ready for the luxury glamping pods to be installed, with water, electricity, WiFi etc. going in to the site.


We opened Hedgerow Luxury Glamping in late 2019 and had an amazing first few months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit us. We were open and closed throughout 2020 and early 2021 in line with government lockdowns and we reopened in April 2021 to a fully-booked Summer!

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